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  • Trial Counsel
    Real Estate Disputes, Banking, Business, Trade, & Commerce Disputes
    Trial Counsel
    Real Estate Disputes, Banking, Business, Trade, & Commerce Disputes
    A well-performing trial attorney is prepared to oppose his or her client’s adversary and to embrace the controversy embodied in every civil, commercial, and business litigation.
    Our law firm’s areas of litigation include:
    • Construction Law
    • Real Estate (Residential & Commercial)
    • Business Law (Member Disputes, Hostile Takeovers)
    • Administrative Law (ROC Defense)
    • Contract Law & Negotiation Failures
    • Licensing.
    Our litigation attorneys have substantial experience representing clients at trial and in venues of alternative dispute resolution; both in the Superior Courts of Arizona and the federal District Court for the District of Arizona. Our firm has represented both plaintiffs and defendants because we assess every case on its merits.

    Trial Counsel:
    Pouria Paknejad
    Gary M. Smith
    Samuel Saks

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  • Serious Injury Counsel
    Automobile Collisions, Motorcycle Collisions, & Professional Malpractice
    Serious Injury Counsel
    Automobile Collisions, Motorcycle Collisions, & Professional Malpractice

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  • Business Counsel
    Asset Sales, Mergers & Acquisitions, Corporate Governance, & Licensing
    Business Counsel
    Asset Sales, Mergers & Acquisitions, Corporate Governance, & Licensing

    Outside Business Counsel.

    SMITH PAKNEJAD PLC is general counsel to businesses throughout Arizona because the firm’s attorneys take time to learn what makes its’ clients’ operations, industries, and ideas unique. Our firm provides quality, sophisticated legal counsel on business matters from business formation, ownership, and management structures. Negotiation Employment Agreements Licensing Vendor/Supplier Arrangements Franchising Corporate Governance.

    • Independent Contractor Agreements
    • Non-Disclosure Agreements
    • Non-Solicitation Agreements
    • Letters of Intent
    • Joint Venture Agreements
    • Buy-Sell Agreements
    • Subscription Agreements
    • Terms of Service
    • Commercial Leases
    • User Agreements
    • License Agreements
    • Privacy Policies
    • Software Development Agreements
    • Distributor and Vendor Agreements
    • Mergers & Acquisitions
    • Employment Law
    • Business Exit Strategies

    Superior service, innovative business solutions, over thirty years of business law experience, and client interactions that keeps us at the forefront of practice.

    Business Counsel Attorneys:
    J. Phillip Glasscock
    Gary M. Smith

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  • ROC Defense Counsel
    Defending Licensed Contractors Before the Courts of the Arizona ROC
    ROC Defense Counsel
    Defending Licensed Contractors Before the Courts of the Arizona ROC

    We Wrote The Book Of Defending Contractors Before The ROC Administrative Court. Literally.

    Our firm is legal counsel to contractors, architects, and developers throughout the state of Arizona. With over twenty years of experience working with contractors, we can help you navigate the administrative process before the administrative courts of the Arizona Registrar of Contractors.

    • Commercial Construction
    • Residential Construction
    • Permitting
    • Public Works
    • Bid Protests
    • Zoning
    • Real Estate Purchases
    • Architect Contracts
    • Construction Contracts
    • Workmanship Disputes
    • Lien Issues &  Perfection
    • Bond Issues
    • Litigation

    Attorney Gary Smith authored the "Orange Book," which is a seminal practice guide for procedures and law before the Arizona Registrar of Contractors' Administrative Courts. Smith frequently lectures fellow attorneys as well as contractors on the dangers of navigating an ROC administrative claim without legal counsel.

    Superior service, innovative business solutions, over twenty years of ROC Administrative Court experience, and client interactions that keeps us at the forefront of practice.

    ROC Defense Attorneys:
    Gary M. Smith

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  • Estate Planning Counsel
    Wills, Living Wills, Land Trusts, Property Trusts, Inheritance, & Probate
    Estate Planning Counsel
    Wills, Living Wills, Land Trusts, Property Trusts, Inheritance, & Probate

    We Are Trusted Advisors To Estate Planning Clients The State Over.

    Our firm provides peace of mind to estate planning clients. From basic estate plans to sophisticated asset protection devices, our experience gives clients access to the full range of estate planning services:

    • Power of Attorney
    • Living Wills
    • Last Wills & Testament
    • Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust
    • Grantor Retained Annuity Trust
    • Charitable Remainder Unitrust
    • Conduit Trust
    • Spendthrift Trust
    • Business Succession Planning

    Superior service, innovative estate plan solutions, over thirty years of estate planning experience, and client interactions that keeps us at the forefront of practice.

    Estate Planning Attorneys:
    J. Phillip Glasscock

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AV-Rated™ Attorneys.

  • Gary M. Smith
    Attorney and lecturer Gary M. Smith is among Arizona's most respected administrative law practitioners. His "Orange Book" is a seminal practice guide on the defense of contractors.
    • Litigation
    • ROC Defense
    Gary M. Smith
    • 1995 – Present, State Bar of Arizona
    • 1996 – Present, State Bar of Colorado
    • 1994 – Present, State Bar of North Carolina
    • 1996 – Present, State Bar of New York
    • 1995 – Present, U.S. District Court, Dist. of Ariz.
    • 1995 – Present, U.S. Court of Appeals, 9th Circuit
    • 1994 California Western School of Law, J.D.
    • 1991 State University of New York, Geneseo, B.A.
    • Judge Pro Tempore – Maricopa County Superior Court (2003)
    • Listed on Maricopa County Superior Court roster of court-appointed arbitrators
    • Lorna Lockwood American Inn of Court
    • Founding Director, North Phoenix Bar Association
    • President Emeritus, North Phoenix Bar Association
    • American Bar Association
    • Maricopa County Bar Association
    • American Subcontractors Association
    • Arizona Trustees Association, Member, Annual Convention Lecturer
    • Arizona Private Lender Association, Director
    • Completed coursework in negotiation technique, premised upon the principles taught by Roger Fisher and William Ury of the Harvard Negotiation Project
    • Construction Defect
    • Design Defect
    • Real Estate Purchase
    • Employment Contract Breach
    • Business Purchase Disputes
    • Consumer Fraud
    • Banking
    • Disputes Over Purchases(s) Of Goods
    • In March 2003, acted as settlement judge pro tempore to resolve $500,000+ insurance coverage suit between a hotelier and its architect.
    • In October 2001, acted as arbitrator to settle dispute between a fine art gallery and a memorabilia dealer over rare turn-of-the-century baseball cards and Marilyn Monroe collectibles.
    • The Orange Book, Practice & Proc. Before the Admin. Cts. of the Ariz. ROC, (Invisible Ocean, 2015)
    • Can Dispensary Agents Be Independent Contractors? (The Green Leaf, June 2011)
    • Secured Transactions, (Scottsdale Airpark News, June 2006)
    • Do I Have To Put It In Writing? (Scottsdale Airpark News, February 2006).
    • Arizona’s In-Home Solicitation Law: A Weapon for Consumers, (Scottsdale Airpark News, October 2005)
    • Non-Compete and Non-Disclosure Agreements, (Scottsdale Airpark News, August 2005)
    • Construction Contract Types, (Scottsdale Airpark News, May 2005)
    • Is Your Contractor Licensed?, (Scottsdale Airpark News, April 2005)
    • What Are All Those Symbols?, (Scottsdale Airpark News, February 2005)
    • Trade Secrets: Protecting Your Assets, author, (Scottsdale Airpark News, December 2004)
    • Arbitration? Mediation? 26 Questions Answered, (Scottsdale Airpark News, October 2004)
    • Getting Real About Lawyers: Client Rights & Responsibilities, (Deer Valley Business Magazine, September 2004)
    • Negotiating The Commercial Lease: The Tenant’s Perspective, (Scottsdale Airpark News, August 2004)
    • Proper Maintenance of Your Arizona Corporation, (August 2003)
    • The Law of the Internet, author of contributing article, Freedom of Speech Under the First Amendment, A Primer for Internet Users, (Presented June 1997, Stamford, CT, sponsored by the National Business Institute)
    • Practice and Procedure Before the Arizona Registrar of Contractors and Office of Administrative Hearings, “The Orange Book”, (2003)
    • Construction Lien Law in Arizona, A Practice Manual, [co-author] (2002, State Bar of Arizona)

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  • Pouria Paknejad
    Pouria Paknejad is an AV-Preeminent civil trial attorney for real estate, business, and injury disputes in Arizona. He has opined on legal matters for local ABC, CBS, and FOX television affiliates.
    • Civil Litigation / Trial Practice
    • Personal Injury
    Pouria Paknejad

    Pouria Paknejad is an AV-Rated® trial attorney practicing Real Estate, Business, and Personal Injury litigation. In his latest trial, he successfully defended a $1.1M claim in a real estate partnership dispute in the United States District Court (D. Ariz.).

    Paknejad is a Phoenix-area native and has appeared as a legal expert on Fox, ABC, CBS, KTVK-TV, KAZT-TV, and KTAR-FM. He has been quoted in articles for the Arizona Republic and Phoenix InBusiness Magazine. His understanding of professional marketing earned an AMA Spectrum Award in 2014.

    Paknejad has delivered COJET and CLE seminars on topics ranging from trial practice techniques, attorneys' fees under A.R.S. § 12-341.01, and on personal injury claims. He serves on the editorial board of the State Bar publication Arizona Attorney Magazine, the Litigation Section of the Maricopa County Bar Association, the Arizona Commission on Judicial Performance Review, and as vice-president of the Iranian American Bar Association (Phoenix). From 2011-2013, he served as president of the North Phoenix Bar Association.

    • 2009-Present: State Bar of Arizona
    • 2010-Present: United States District Court (Ariz.)
    • 2013-Present: Maricopa County Bar Assoc.
    • 2009-Present: North Phoenix Bar Assoc.
    • 2006-Present: American Bar Assoc.
    • 2007 Thomas Jefferson School of Law, J.D.
    • 2004 Arizona State University, B.S.
    • Judge Pro Tempore, Arizona Superior Court, Maricopa County (2016-2017)
    • Thomson Reuters Super Lawyers® Rising Star (Southwest Ed.)
    • CLE Panelist, Judicial Seminar: What Is A Reasonable Attorneys’ Fee?
    • A-V Preeminent™, Martindale-Hubbell® Peer Review
    • Arizona College of Trial Advocacy
    • Spectrum Award, American Marketing Association (Phoenix Chapter)
    • “Five Good Minutes” with Judge Robert Gottsfield, Attorney-at-Law Magazine
    • Law Clerk to Presiding Civil Judge, Ariz. Superior Court (Hon. Mark F. Aceto)
    • Law Clerk to Presiding Judge, Ariz. Superior Court (Hon. Barbara R. Mundell)
    • Marriage Equality in Arizona (KAZT/AZ-TV), Morning Scramble (Host: Pat McMahon) 2014
    • Privacy Law in Arizona (KNXV/ABC), Morning Show (Host: Nick Ciletti) 2014
    • Air B’n’B® Property Rentals (KSAZ/FOX), Ariz. Mornings (Host: Andrea Robinson) 2014
    • Hot Car Laws in Arizona (KPHO/CBS), Evening News (Host: Lindsey Reiser) 2014
    • Ariz. Ct.’s Marriage Equality Ruling (KTAR/92.3 FM), News-Talk (Host: Bob McClay) 2014
    • Arizona Eviction Laws (KTVK/3-TV), Good Morning Ariz. (Host: Kaley O’Kelley) 2014
    • Religion in Charter Schools (KTAR/92.3 FM), News-Talk (Host: Bob McClay) 2014
    • Nonprofit Companies in Arizona (KPHO/CBS), Evening News (Host: Lindsey Reiser) 2014
    • The Power Of Language, AxoTED hosted by Axosoft 2014
    • Leasing Your Home for Super Bowl?, Arizona Republic (by Catherine Reagor) 2014
    • Business Divorce: Plan Ahead…, InBusiness Magazine (by Sue Kern-Fleischer) 2014
    • Fraud/Misrepresentation Claims (KTVK/3-TV), Good Evening Ariz. (Host: Carrie Pena)2012
    • Contract for Sky Harbor Hits a Snag, Arizona Republic (by Emily Gersema) 2011
    • Arizona Commission on Judicial Performance Review, 2016
    • State Bar of Arizona, Bar Leadership Institute 2016
    • Litigation Board, Maricopa County Bar Association 2015—Present
    • Editorial Board, State Bar of Arizona, Arizona Attorney Magazine 2014—Present
    • Vice-President, Iranian American Bar Association, Phoenix Chapter 2016—2014
    • President, North Phoenix Bar Association 2014—2012
    • Board of Directors, Maricopa County Bar Association (ex officio) 2014—2013
    • Programs Director, Lorna E. Lockwood American Inn of Court 2013—2012
    • Assistant Editor, Attorney-at-Law Magazine 2012—2010
    • Attorney-Coach, Arizona Foundation for Legal Services & Edu cation 2011—2010

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  • J. Phillip Glasscock
    J. Phillip Glasscock is legal counsel to business enterprises. Since 1984, he has overseen over $100M in transactions; from rare wine auctions in China to the sale of jet aircraft in Morocco.
    • Business Law
    • Estate Planning
    J. Phillip Glasscock
    • 1983 – Present, State Bar of Arizona
    • 1986 – Present, Certified Public Accountant – State of Arizona
    • U.S. Federal District Court for the District of Arizona
    • U.S. Federal District Court for the Western District of Texas (Austin)
    • U.S. Federal Bankruptcy Court for the District of Arizona
    • 1983 Arizona State University, J.D
    • 1980 University of Wyoming, B.S. (Honors)
    • Phoenix Sister Cities Commission: Grenoble, France, Committee Chairman
    • Phoenix Paradise Valley Village Planning Committee
    • American Bar Association
    • Scottsdale Bar Association
    • Arizona Society of CPAs
    • Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce
    • Capital Partners for Arizona Communities, Inc.: Board of Directors
    • Obtained $650,000 for client in corporate and lease restructuring for pending IPO
    • Obtained real estate valued at $350,000 for client in property dispute litigation settled shortly after filing complaint.
    • Modified clients’ trust that previously denied the surviving spouse one-half of family estate, for estate tax reasons that were no longer valid.
    • After demand letters had been sent and lawsuit filed, kept a client out of multi-party, multi-million-dollar federal trade secrets litigation.
    • Resolved without litigation a commercial real estate title dispute; settlement did not require client to make any payments or sign any documents.”
    • Past results are not an indication of future results: every case is unique.

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  • Samuel Saks
    Sam Saks is an experienced civil litigator & member of the State Bar of Arizona Board of Governors. He has also served as law clerk in state and federal courts from Arizona to Michigan.
    • Commercial Litigation
    • Personal Injury
    Samuel Saks
    • 2006-Present, State Bar of Arizona
    • 2007-Present, U.S. District Court (Ariz.)
    • 2009-Present, 9th Circuit Ct. of Appeals
    • 2005 Wayne State University, J.D.
    • 2001 University of Michigan, B.A.
    • Representative Payment Under the Social Security Protection Act, 51 Wayne L. Rev. 1569 (2005)
    • Medical Malpractice Liability Under Chinese and American Law, 18 Mich. Intl. Lawyer 22 (2005)
    • Call 911: Psychiatry and the New EMTALA Regulations, 32 J. Psychiatry & L. 483 (2004)
    • Malnar v. Joice, 236 Ariz. 170, 337 P.3d 43 (Ariz. 2014)
    • Brewer v. Burns, 222 Ariz. 234, 213 P.3d 671 (2009)
    • Dowling v. Stapley, 221 Ariz. 251, 211 P.3d 1235 (App. 2009)
    • Board Member, Valley Beit Midrash (2012 – Present)
    • Member, Start Me Up Fellowship (2012 – 2014)
    • Council Member, Phoenix Father’s Day Council (2009 – 2011)
    • Board Member, Jewish Federation of Greater Phoenix Young Jewish Professionals (2006 – 2010)
    • Martindale-Hubble A-V Preeminent Rated
    • Southwest Super Lawyers Rising Star, 2013-Present
    • Clerkship, Ariz. Ct. of Appeals, Hon. Sheldon Weisberg, 2005-2007
    • 2009-Present, Dist. Rep., State Bar of AZ Bd. of Governors
    • 2012-2014, Chair, State Bar of AZ Technology Committee
    • 2013-2014, State Bar of AZ Finance Committee
    • 2013-Present, Arizona Association for Justice
    • Present, Board Member, AZ Foundation for Legal Svcs.

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